Business systems

Solutions to development goals
Business development means so much more than just sales. As entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses we recognize that for a business to succeed, workflow and performance must be consistent, well documented and quantified

Business development is so much more than just sales.

We use TouchStone as the organizational tool for systems development. TouchStone provides the way, the means, the knowledge and the platform to accomplish system design, accountability and management within your organization. With the TouchStone platform your systems are:

  • available when and wherever you need them
  • easy to keep up to date
  • clear, crisp and easy to understand
  • Our free eBook can help you organize all the operating procedures of your company.
    How to Systematize Your Business

    Our business system platform TouchStone includes initial technical training for you and your employees with one of our experienced process development technicians as well as on-going technical assistance. Prices start at $50/month and include weekly Web-based training classes in the use and implementation of the product. The classes encourage interactive questions in the use and application of the Systems Development Solution.

    Our Solution is designed so that a business owner or manager can intuitively get started with it from day one.

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