that supports your growth

Our coaching programs will transform your business from a place where you work to a place that works for you.

Our coaching platform relies on a roadmap. Starting with you the leader and working through sales and marketing. Click on each of the 4 Core Functions circles to see the systems studied in each business dynamic.

Leadership &
Finance &
fulfillment Sales &
Leadership & Management
  • SOD Approach
    Understanding the heart of business development
  • Values and Purpose
    Create meaning: Putting your life first
  • Vision
    Creating a vision of your business when it's working for you
  • Time Management
    Organizing your most precious resource
  • Transforming Problems to Solutions
    Resolving problems at their core
  • Delegation
    A process for assigning responsabilities
  • Systems Designs
    Engineering your business for consistent predictable results
  • Organizational Strategy
    Structuring your systems to achieve your vision
  • Business Development
    Getting your people engaged in your achieving the vision
  • Systems Strategy
    Identifying key strategies
  • Self Organization
    Setting priorities
  • Mentoring
    Engaging your people for growth
Finance & Administration
  • Ratios
    Understanding the numbers
  • Key Financial Indicators
    Monitoring the value you create
  • Financial Management
    Managing money towards your vision
  • Cash Management
    Managing your business's life blood
  • Budgeting
    Setting priorities planning to earn a profit
  • Job Descriptions
    Creating accountabilities and avenues for yuor employee's success
  • Recruiting
    Finding the right people
  • Hiring
    Choosing the right people for the right roles
  • Office Management
    Supporting everyone's success
  • Delivery innovation Process
    Delighting customers consistently with awesome service
  • Customer Service
    Going the extra mile and delivering a powerful customer experience
  • Quality Control
    Ensuring excellence in production
  • Training
    Beyond tailgating for safety
Sales & Marketing
  • Company Values
    Defining what you believe is meaningful about the work you do
  • Differentiating Your Business
    Setting your company apart for the others
  • Brand Promise
    Creating your brand commitment
  • Target Customer
    Identifying and understanding your most proftable customers
  • Lead Generation
    Resonating with your target markets
  • Social Media
    Driving the message to your target market through the online community
  • Sales Process
    Repeatable prospect conversions through a benchmark process
  • Landscape Enhancement Process
    Making the most of your existing customers
  • Referral Process
    Turning customers into fans
  • Effective Sales Presentations
    Tailoring your presentations to your customer needs
is the product

The Entrepreneur’s perspective: Landscaping is the service. The organization that supports your service is your product.

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be the leader
your business

Live your life on purpose.

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a life
you love living
and a business
you love leading

Your business is a reflection of you. Increase your influence for the meaning you seek from your business and life.

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organizational development - an awesome team -

Standards set the bar.
Investment goes both ways.

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Truth and meaning. A life lived with intention.

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A commitment to the future.
What your business looks like when it’s working for you.

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innovate implement quantify

Coaching without orchestration of your work into your business and the metrics to determine effectiveness is fruitless. We will hold you accountable for results and we expect you to do the same.

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excellence = continuous improvement

The Innovation Cycle is never ending. There is always a better way.

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Our coaching programs include:
  • A comprehensive business assessment that allows us to understand where you are today. The assessment helps us to tailor a business development plan based on a three to five year vision you create with your coach’s guidance.
  • Tangible benchmarks, you’ll be held accountable to along the way. Reference points based on key strategic indicators. Standards for the coaching program are based on your financial position, your values and your goals.
  • Tools, to help you navigate, innovate and refine the systems that will take you on the journey from where you are today to a business that works for you.
  • Two 1-hour live web or phone meetings each month with unlimited support. Keeping you focused on your business development plan.

No term agreements start at $1,000 per month. If your annual business revenues are under 500K and you’re serious about growth you may qualify for a reduced fee.

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"Dan Pestretto has an uncanny ability to instinctively apply business principles to problems faced by every business owner. In this I have seen tremendous results in my own company. With Dan's indispensable guidance the application of strategic planning, the understanding of process and management combined with leadership have propelled my company towards the vision I thought I would never achieve.

The empowerment that comes from working with a coach on the things that have held you back is indescribable. You cannot do it alone, we are all blinded by the things we cannot see and don't even know are a problem. Dan not only sees these problems, but puts you to work on them, defines them and creates a positive direction for steering the boat in a new direction. Working with Dan is empowering, enlightening and inspiring."
Cheri Stringer APLD
TLCgardens® LLC
An Award Winning Landscape Design Firm
Boulder, CO
"A great coach and empathetic listener. It was great to be heard. Our work together is greatly responsible for the success I’ve had as a sales person"
Sales Manager - Teufel Nursery
Hillsboro, Oregon

Sales Training

Our Sales Training Classes teach your salespeople how to guide prospects through a systemized, extremely effective, and repeatable sales process. The process we teach orchestrates the interaction between your salespeople and your potential customers and has been crafted over 35 years of selling landscape services. Our sales training can:

  • Bring sales teams to 70% close rates.
  • Teach you how to develop trust, based on expertise and not sales techniques.
  • Show you how to make an emotional connection through understanding your prospects needs.
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"A 400% increase in profitable revenue! [...]Passion for excellence, Drive to serve and commitment to truth. A game changer for us."
Controller - Green Thumb Nursery and Landscaping
​Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman
"Dan's sales training helped me immensely with my sales efforts guiding me whenever I needed help. He has been a great resource, a sounding board and teacher."
Sales Manager - GreenThumb Nursery
​Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman
"A great coach and empathetic listener. It was great to be heard. Our work together is greatly responsible for the success I’ve had as a sales person"
Sales Manager - Teufel Nursery
​Hillsboro, Oregon

Horticultural Training

It’s hands on, at your site, on your customers’ properties, and in the shop training. Our training is based on sound scientific horticultural practices, learned through trial and error in our customers’ landscapes.

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New Service

Speaking Engagements: Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars

Dan Pestretto gives high energy, entertaining, informative and motivating presentations. They are heart, values, science and art based. His, speaking engagements for landscape business owners are informed by his over 35 years in the industry.
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"Articulate, well focused on his subject matter and generous with his time. Knowledge of the landscape/nursery industry is exceptional: furthermore, he breaks down the sales process in a way that is easy to digest."
Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association President
Newtown, Connecticut