Available: Landscape Designer Salespeople

Process driven, horticulturally literate, vision inspired, designer salespeople

Do You Think You’d Like to

1. Have more control over the work you take on?

2. Add or supplement your design and sales services?

3. See if you can make better margins in construction?

4. Stop working for crazy landscape designers and architects?

5. Have supplemental help producing CAD drawings and 3D presentations when you need it and not pay for the expense of additional employees?

We can help

We are outsourced landscape designer salespeople and horticulturists. We design, sell and manage landscape projects for you.

Our landscape designs are artfully receptive to the building, the interior, the client needs and to the larger environment.

Our engagement with clients and sites are the most dynamic and inspiring aspects of our work. We inspire vision, produce graphics and have multimedia options at our disposal to communicate concepts. We guide efforts of all involved from the first client meeting, through construction, to completion of the project. We can also provide maintenance consults regarding care that will protect your client’s investment and ensure the original design intent is maintained.

Success is attributed to keeping the client’s desires primary through all phases of design and construction. It is an inclusive and collaborative process that recognizes everyone’s importance in the creation of the beautiful and expressive landscapes we design.

Here’s what we offer:

Landscape design consultations/sales

Specialized CAD drawings, 3D modeling and fly-through

Complete project specifications for you to price

Online landscape project presentations hosted with your logo and company details

Maintenance consultations/sales

A process that generates: Sales of Designs, Construction, Maintenance and enthusiasm.

Our services are strictly to the trade. We are contracted by Landscape Contractors, Garden Centers and Landscape Design Build Companies, on an incremental basis as Independent Contractors. We are there when you need us, as you need us.
Our clients generally capture our fees as part of the Cost of Goods Sold for each project. Our service costs your company virtually nothing. You can have a full service design office, expand your company’s services, add higher margin work to your portfolio and elevate your position in the market with no increase in overhead.

This is a new concept in outsourced design. You probably have a lot of questions. Let’s connect and see if this is a fit for you and us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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