Systematized lead generation
“Compelling marketing is more than the sum of its parts. Its relevance is clear and speaks directly to your target market in a way that entices desire and reduces or eliminates risk.“

Marketing is the messaging of your company’s brand commitment. A manifestation of your brand in words, images, and sensory elements. We’ll show you how to effectively invest in marketing that attracts your target market and starts your prospects on a customer journey that ends in delight.

We have found houzz to be a great way for our clients to increase their brand awareness. And a real good marketing tool. Photographs are windows to the realities of your brand promise and an awesome way to show just how good you are at what you do.
houzz is a photo based marketing opportunity that reaches a very good demographic for most of our clients. It is the largest online platform for homeowners and home service professionals. From interior designers, landscape designers, to architects to landscapers; all home service providers and home goods suppliers can benefit from a professional presence on houzz.
If you’re not on houzz or you’re not actively using it, you’re losing leads and great projects to your competitors! OUR hOUZZ MARKETING SERVICES
Most of our clients just don’t have the time to accentuate their houzz accounts. We’re certified houzz’s marketers Certified to help those in the home design and exterior services industry maximize their online presence. We’ll implement a houzz online marketing strategy, and improve your authority on the web. Ready to get more leads and sales from houzz?
Ready to get more leads and sales from houzz?
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"Dan contributed editorial to our publication REALlife. He was very creative with his editorial on garden design, full of knowledge and tips for our readers. A pleasure to work with."
Publisher REALlife Caribbean
Cayman Islands Grand Cayman

Sales Training

Our Sales Training Classes teach your salespeople how to guide prospects through a systemized, extremely effective, and repeatable sales process. The process we teach orchestrates the interaction between your salespeople and your potential customers and has been crafted over 35 years of selling landscape services. Our sales training can:

  • Bring sales teams to 70% close rates.
  • Teach you how to develop trust, based on expertise and not sales techniques.
  • Show you how to make an emotional connection through understanding your prospects needs.
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"A 400% increase in profitable revenue! [...]Passion for excellence, Drive to serve and commitment to truth. A game changer for us."
Controller - Green Thumb Nursery and Landscaping
​Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman
"Dan's sales training helped me immensely with my sales efforts guiding me whenever I needed help. He has been a great resource, a sounding board and teacher."
Sales Manager - GreenThumb Nursery
​Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman
"A great coach and empathetic listener. It was great to be heard. Our work together is greatly responsible for the success I’ve had as a sales person"
Sales Manager - Teufel Nursery
​Hillsboro, Oregon

Horticultural Training

It’s hands on, at your site, on your customers’ properties, and in the shop training. Our training is based on sound scientific horticultural practices, learned through trial and error in our customers’ landscapes.

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New Service

Speaking Engagements: Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars

Dan Pestretto gives high energy, entertaining, informative and motivating presentations. They are heart, values, science and art based. His, speaking engagements for landscape business owners are informed by his over 35 years in the industry.
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"Articulate, well focused on his subject matter and generous with his time. Knowledge of the landscape/nursery industry is exceptional: furthermore, he breaks down the sales process in a way that is easy to digest."
Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association President
Newtown, Connecticut