Leading a business can be frustrating. It can be rewarding, but often, it isn’t. Not enough time, difficulties with people and we always wish there was more money. We know. We’ve been there.

We are here, because everyone of us is dedicated to helping business owners succeed. We believe there is no greater calling. We have made the wholehearted decision to serve business owners. We know they will lead us all, to profoundly more meaningful lives.

Everyone of our consultants, coaches and salespeople knows what it’s like in the trenches of owning and managing small businesses. We’ve learned the tough lessons about running a business, meeting deadlines and making payroll.

We employ a heartfelt, courageous, gladiator approach to business development; it’s authentic, efficient effective and proven. We believe heart, spirit and courage are the key ingredients for a successful business. You bring’em... we’ll show you what we can do.

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Our Competitive Advantage

Companies engage SOD consulting services to supplement their in house capabilities, to gain advantage from outsourcing by lowering overhead, having predictable customer conversion costs, improved sales closing rates and the advantage of our unique position in the market. Our Sales Training program teaches our sales process. Our process relies on developing trust, making an emotional connection and understanding your prospects needs. 70% close rates possible when combined with great branding and marketing. Our SOD platform connects buyers and sellers directly. We are a trusted resource for Service Companies, Contractors, Tradespeople, Designers, Architects, Purchasing and Property Managers. As we grow so do the companies that are part of our network.

Consulting: - Branding, marketing and sales consulting/training.

Business development begins with the brand. To create opportunities and convert interest into relationships, our process begins with developing your commitment to your values, vision, and purpose.

Our marketing process will deliver your brand message to your most desired customers. We make emotional connections based on the resonance of your brand commitment and values.

Our sales consulting team qualifies leads, goes out on sales calls and develops relationships. Yes, that’s right, our consultants actually DO the sales not just tell you how it should be done. As a matter of fact, we guarantee our consultants will make emotional connections that foster loyal relationships based on your company’s values, vision and heart. Our salespeople get results or we don’t get paid.
Landscape Design and Sales

Sales Training

For companies outside of the Northeastern US, we offer sales training. Ask about details and how to qualify for this program.

We appreciate that for a business to truly develop, it all stems from heart. The business is a reflection of the owner’s values, vision and purpose.

Business development means so much more than just sales.

Client / Partner Qualification

We understand we are in a unique position. We are respectful of that and therefore are quite selective with whom we work. We hope you’ll understand, that as you will be examining our services, reputation and ability to achieve results, we will be scrutinizing yours. We are very discerning about whom we represent and work with. We understand and respect the significance of choosing to work with us and enter into these partnerships carefully.

Coaching: - Emyth Certified

Clarity comes with simplicity, not business speak or complicated jargon. Great coaching is a constant balancing act between making sure you get help with the most pressing issues, and keeping you focused and accountable for long-term change. Working with us is a chance to get clear on what’s working in your business, and what isn't. And what you and we, can do together to help. Our coaches tailor the program to you and your business.

Having a remarkable business, one that you and your team are proud of. Where you never stop innovating, and keep finding new ways to get more out of the way of your team. Takes a coach who looks with an eye to systems, who is always seeking to align process to your values. A coach who is backed up by a flexible curriculum and is laser focused on truth.

Client Testimonials- EMyth from Jacy Mairs on Vimeo.

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Business Systemization - TouchStone Business Systemization Platform

Our tool of choice for organizing your processes that connect to your brand commitment and are rooted in your vision and values. It’s what ensures your brand is real for your customers, your employees and the community. Systems are where the rubber meets the road. And TouchStone brings your process to where they’re needed when you need them.


Heart and Values Based, Character Driven, Branding, Marketing and Sales Speaker